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Sorry, been a bit busy. You would have that invite to GLAMwiki in Oz now.

Like the strategy approach. Wish I could get a few more communities to do the same and share. Here's another model, which has been through a few editions. This kinda works, taken for granted that we consider all the tools we want are loaded onto one node. i.e. we (conservation types) are in an existing institution.

I'm slow but deliberate, so a few things first. Could we do away with any reference to peda(gogy). I'm not going to be, and won't be treating, anyone like a child so andragogy is the educational paradigm. Helps to distinguish the OE approach.

I can see how the reusability paradox is supposed to work. But that infers "education by delivery" and i thought the approach we're taking is "education by inquiry". But it's obviously something you see a 'hot button'.

Do you think we could include something which talks about developing a "real time communications" infrastructure? (e.g. ) I'm sure hewlitt would spring for this, especially if their R&D team was involved. (and add a few noughts to the budget)

This goes back to my talk about gizmo. There's no reason why we couldn't be running a monthly get together rather than (in addition to) hopping on planes. Because we don't, the engineers never get 'in the groove', and figure out ways to automate a (dial in) number in each country that establishes links between global nodes, which either support a teleconference, web session, videoconference or a full blown accessgrid session. only bandwidth restricts.

If we go down this path, then we're going to quickly come up with a numbering system which brings a whole bunch of domain (name) centric communities to the same place (so they can share productions).

Simonfj (talk)14:19, 19 June 2009