Some lessons from WMF - how about a layered model of governance?

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Another Question[edit]

On what basis will these elected and appointed members be evaluated? When, by whom and what means?

Wikirandy (talk)05:43, 1 November 2007

Hi Randy,

Good questions. This is where I think we need to head Philips advice, namely that WikiEducator is a Wiki. We must be very careful not to over bureaucratise a project driven by volunteers.

We should encourage self organisation and autonomy and carry these principles of self organisation through into our governance models. Personally I don't support the notions of formal evaluations for appointed members. I feel that we should leave the basis on which appointed members are "elected" in the hands of the elected Council members that are charged with finding out the best way to lead our project.

It would be useful for us to think about guiding values in helping the Council in takeing these decision:

For example the principle of regional representation and transparent governance. Keeping things simple will enable us to move and respond quickly to changing needs.


Mackiwg (talk)05:43, 1 November 2007