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Hi Colleaques,

My advice to youth entrepreneurs are :

  • To go for Voluntary Counselling and Testing to know their HIV status
  • Learn about the diseases and how to take care of themselves
  • Learn to live positively and with others
  • Get information about treatment option 
  • Protect against infection to themselves and other in the family
  • Referral to support group and to share problems and solution with other people infected with HIV
  • Feel relieved and stop worrying  when tested
  •  Learn how to protect yourself from HIV
  • Encourage other youth to go for Voluntary Counselling and Testing 

The innovatives measures and programme to implment in small businesses are:

The youth should includes the following suggestions to their programmes:

  • Start to educate others about HIV/AIDS
  • Support and encourage everyone (youth and others)to support HIV/AIDS prevention programme
  • Talk about the risk of HIV/AIDS and other STIs
  • Explain that condoms may help to save lives fromHIV/AIDS and other Sexuall Transmitted Infections
  • Explain that the condom protect the health of both partners invoved
  • Support People Living With  HIV/AIDS(PLWHA) so that they can  live a happy life
  • Keep away from having sexual intercourse with someone whose lifestyle gives questionable
  • Avoid alcohol or drugs
  • Treat HIVAIDS as any other illness in terms of employment and health policies and practices
  • Involve People Living With HIV/AIDS(PLWHA)  into the development and appraisal of HIV/AIDS policies and programme 
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