Should we simply start with a featured article and a featured reuse?

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Hi Leigh --

I like the idea of an "under the spotlight" and/or case study feature which we should include as a prominent section on the front page. Good thinking. This is a great way, not only to feature projects --- but to get the human interest angle behind the scenes.

That said, as a education community we need to tackle the question of quality and how we will manage these processes without alienating those who are starting out in WE. The most frequent question I get when I speak around the world about WE -- is What about quality? At the moment -- the best answer I can give are referrals to other wiki projects.

I would take tremendous pride in telling the world that we are doing a, b and c around quality processes. That the processes WE developed were developed openly and transparently. That we have learned from the benefit of hindsight from other projects like WP, WV and WB.

I'm not in any way suggesting that this is going to be easy -- but it is a nut we need to crack.

I'm hoping that we can use one of your courses as a test case for the processes we envisage -- this way we can iron out many of the challenges we're going to face.

What are your concerns about optional and self selected quality grading? This would help us in finding the right solutions.


Mackiwg (talk)18:59, 10 May 2008