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Kim that's a sterling piece of work.

Thanks for taking the initiative and time to move this forward. I've read the first draft and didn't and don't have any substantive suggestions. I made one or two minor style edits and corrected a typo.

  • I qualified a sentence in the Introduction by adding "in accordance with our code of conduct, policies and procedures" -- In time I image procedures and guidelines for dealing with cases of misconduct can be addressed through community developed procedures, and would not necessarily require Council intervention. We don't have a "Day Committee" or Excom of Council -- so practically its not easy to convene a full Council meeting at short notice.
  • I would recommend a subsection on "Assume good faith' -- -see w:Wikipedia:Assume_good_faith -- good to specify this clearly. On balance, we should assume that all members act in the interests of the project, and stating what this may mean in WE is a good thing.
  • The last sentence relating to technical matters under Mailing lists and web forums, seems misplaced in a code of conduct. I think this is a governance / operational management issue - rather than a code of conduct issue. What do you think?

This is a great piece of work -- I think this is more than ready to constitute a work group and formally initiating the community consultation and approval processes.


Mackiwg (talk)09:42, 11 January 2011

Thanks Wayne. Agreed: a section on "Assume Good Faith" would be good and I'll remove the "governance / operational management" sentence. K

KTucker (talk)06:30, 13 January 2011