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Sikkim Manipal University believes in providing education for all

The biggest and the most viewed quadrennial showpiece is here where the world’s best teams fight for the most coveted trophy in sports. I am talking about the FIFA Football World Cup 2010 currently underway in Africa. A continent that is also known for its rampant poverty and illiteracy. Seizing the power of football, FIFA, world leaders and famous footballers from across the world have joined hands for an initiative called 1Goal. It’s a campaign to provide education for the 72 million out-of-school children across the globe by 2015. Africa alone has more than 32 million out-of-school children from the total figure of 72 million. It was thus apt for FIFA and world famous personalities to use the stage of the world cup to highlight the responsibilities ahead. The campaign has the sole aim to provide primary schooling to all the children so that they can later take on higher studies while finding some means of income to support themselves in the interim. Once they have completed their higher studies they can look for better career opportunities and more income thus alleviating poverty. We at Sikkim Manipal University strongly support the cause and through our efficient distribution of quality distance education have the sole aim of providing education for all. In view of increasing population and practical constraints, it would be impossible to construct thousands of colleges for higher education by respective countries. Also these students won’t be able to afford the high fees charged by regular colleges. This is where distance education comes in and is the only viable medium available for study today. Sikkim Manipal courses are wide and varied but most importantly they are skill set oriented that makes sure you are never unemployed. Course fees have been kept low to provide everyone a chance to avail them and through our efficient distribution system across 300 towns in India and 13 countries worldwide we ensure that it reaches every household in the smallest town. Breakthrough technologies in the field of distance education Like EduNxt by SMU-DE has only added to the academic rigor and interactivity of courses offered in this mode. In the years to come, we at Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education will spread our reach and expand our expertise to meet the challenges ahead towards our goal of education for all. Future innovations in easy to access technologies will break down barriers even further allowing enhanced connectivity to both basic and higher education. The road towards a brighter future starts by empowering every child with not just basic education but means to attain quality higher education too. Through distance education we make sure that happens as well.

Smude Counselor

SMUDE (talk)00:58, 23 June 2010