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My Name is Adelard Nhunde Saduka. I have University education. My first degree was from Sokoine University, the second one from the Mzumbe University. This is the master degree. Also, I have another degree which is postgraduate degree. This is post gradaute degree in Education. Also, I had opportunity to study in colleges abroad. These colleges are Lund Univeristy in Sweden. I got graduate degree in child rights, classroom and school management. Also, i studied at Chilsholm institute of the technology in Australia. I got graduate degree in Technica and vocational education. I havePostgradaute degree in ICT Leadership from  Dublin University. I have teaching experience in science, technical and vocational education. I have experience in management of the provision of the education at national level. That is, policy formulation and monitoring of the education provision.  I have experience in protocol issue on international relation in education. I have been participated in harmonization of the education strategies in East Africa and Southern African Developing Countries.

Saduka (talk)21:00, 13 August 2013