Review and feedback from Prof Andy Lane

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Andy Lane @ the British Open University submitted the following feedback on an earlier draft of the FAQs. We are grateful for Andy's academic commitment to share knowledge, especially give his extensive experience in Open Learning and Open Education at the university level. Andy's reflections have added value and contributed to the ongoing refinement of our collective project.

Question; From the perspective of a university manager, does our FAQ section cover all the questions a prospective university manager signing or justifying the signing of a membership cheque to OERF would need to answer? (See: ) -- Do we need to cover any additional questions?

Andy's feedback:

Only been able to quickly look at all this but it is fairly comprehensive although the ongoing benefits section is presented as an undifferentiated list. Also, while appealing to the bottom line in terms of benefits I do not feel it is strong enough on the ideals of open education (of which OER are a part) and the greater benefits of sharing per se in all sorts of ways, not just of content. I also do not get the impression of this being a mutually collaborative community from the benefits. It seems more one of collective action in an open marketplace (wikieducator). I also think you could make more about training/professional development as a benefit (and a necessity for improved teaching and learning). There is also nothing said about materials being in different languages. Is this because you want to be english led at the moment?
  • In response:
    • Further clarifications on benefits of collaboration being addressed
    • FAQ highlighting training and professional development
    • Omission on language localisations fixed with the inclusions of relevant FAQ
Mackiwg (talk)11:22, 17 October 2009