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Most important: You need photographs on line. Follow these format guidelines:


Formatting figures[edit]

Any photograph, map, diagram, or handout that is embedded in your wiki counts as a figure. Tables should be handled differently.

Adding numbered captions to your figures can simplify your writing. You can refer a reader to a picture as simply as this: (Fig 1). No need to say see below or to the right of this text, particularly when the figure may move depending on the window size in which the page is viewed. So, I suggest captions like this: Figure 1. Enough detail following the figure number to orient the reader to the image. Figure captions do not work well in the Rich Text editor, so it may be worth turning that off to edit captions. The following image and caption was added to this page using this syntax:[[Image:RainbowHypothesis.jpg|Figure 1: Students generating hypotheses|thumb]]

Figure 1: Students generating hypotheses

Once changes have been made, you should delete the text ''{{Figures}}''from your page.

Primary biological content area covered: Specifically what adaptations; this is too vague

Materials: be more explicit about the frame/hoop used for the window screen; add a photograph.

Connection to scientific method and particularlly hypothesis testing is absent. This is more of an art project as presented. I know that you made scientific connections and discussed where paper comes from, recycling, conservation of resources, but that does not show up well in your lesson plan. Add a handout that explicitly diagrams the process from tree to page with a word bank for students to use to illustrate that process. Be more explicit about the hypothesis testing or cut it out. In the absence of information, the kids will have a hard time coming up with a hypothesis. You have not reflected on the hypothesis testing; perhaps list some of the hypotheses to better illustrate this.

Hand out section. Add the handout here and explain how it will be used.

Activity description: This section looks good. Change only those parts that will bring discussion of science in here. Also encourage the use of real towels to reduce waste. Finally I suggest that you say 'partially dried' for the last bullet point.

Lesson plan: Work in the past tense

Word bank: Expand this. What other useful words can be inserted here?

Connections to standards. Check each connection in light of your work and confirm that there is a realistic connection; otherwise don't claim a connection.

Citations and links: List some of the many places where others have tried variations on this activity

Finally, spell and grammar check!

dmccabe 16:55, 11 February 2009 (UTC)

Dmccabe (talk)04:55, 12 February 2009