Requested Feedback from OP - OER group

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  • Image - clever
  • Introduction page - clear (information you want as a learner is upfront)
  • Objectives clear
  • Ok have read this what do I do next?
  • more explicit information about what as the learner I will have to do - navigation
  • Learning environment tab should be further up in course
  • Digital Literacy tab - doesn't highlight (go bold) when you are in it - whereas the others do
  • Studydesk - the course schedule would benefit from being bigger - Conceptual overview could be put below table
  • what is the point of quicklinks?
  • E- learning activity 1 - Declare yourself/ tutorials listed ahead of the purpose

Suggestion: move online resources below purposes and task or integrate them - top list adds confusion

Hillarypjenkins (talk)11:15, 21 May 2013