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Hey Brent -- I cant remember whether I talked about this on the IRC or posted somewhere else.

So apology for any duplication -- but want to make sure that I get this down somewhere.

Could we extra fields for:

  • Keywords or Tags -- a place for authors to list keywords or tags describing the resource
  • Learning hours -- i.e. the notional or intended time that a learner is supposed to spend on the resource, eg 1.5 hours
  • Level -- The intention is to identify the level - so in the case of K12 we can say the year of study. Pre-primary could be < Year O -- Some countries have a reception year before official school starts which is depicted as year/grade "0" and year/grade "1" being the first year of school. For tertiary we could have a system say T1, T2, T3 and T4 for tertiary Undergrad and PG1, PG2, PG3 for years post base qualification.
  • Complexity -- This is to try and capture some of the Bloom ideas you had earlier - but I'd suggest keeping it simple by only having three recommended options, for example easy, intermediate and difficult - this obviously relates to the level. So Intermediate for T3 may be used in T1 but will be difficult at this level if you know what I mean.

With this in place --- I think we have a pretty robust system in place with a couple of cool feature underneath the hood.


Mackiwg (talk)07:48, 18 January 2008