Remarks on your report

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Dear Dr. Sanjaya
Wonderful. you have actually summed up the whole online training in a six-point formula. Very carefully and skillfully you did not forget to mention the main points/issues raised by participants like "like", "dislike", "content areas", "suggestions" etc. Really you have played a pivotal role as facilitator in pushing the participants to fulfill the basic objectives of the workshop. Many of the participants refuted "any dislike" though I disliked (see my report)most something you also mentioned in your report in point 3. However, I agree with you and ALL that the maiden online training/workshop in India is a successful one undoubtedly . I appreciate your leadership quality; you have to spent your valuable time and energy. Lastly, " I can not bring my heart to my words".

Mamun (talk)05:15, 26 September 2008