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I was about to start adding to / editing the Featured Learning Resource page and I was thinking we should add some academic rigor to this QA work by providing as much reference as we can. I believe this is appropriate as Wayne suggests that transparency is important. I also think referencing a lot of the great research about educational quality, wisdom of the masses, historyflow, etc... would add credibility when we are telling the world about our processes. In particular, the academics who are asking about the quality. I was thinking we should create a QA references page, where each reference has an anchor, so we link to it directly from the Featured criteria page... What do others think about the importance of referencing in this QA initiative?

Prawstho (talk)05:14, 13 May 2008

Absolutely!!! I'm all for rigour in our approaches --- lets cite away.

We must practice what we preach!!

User:Kruhly has been working on implementing citation templates for using the Harvard method of citation in WE.

We need to follow up on:

  • How far Rob got with the citation work -- I seem to recall that there was some server setting that needed attention. I think this was posted on the Techie discussion list -- I'll look into this when I get today's work up to date.
  • Developing tutorials on how to reference in WikiEd -- perhaps this should be combined with work on a style guide.
Mackiwg (talk)10:04, 29 May 2008