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Dear Lions, i am reposting the contents of my earlier email to members bellow

Appologies from Team Strategy[edit]

Dear Lions,

It is with my sincerest appologies to inform members of Team Strategy's inability to circulate a Final draft before our scheduled wiki chat this evening. We have been beset my a mirade of challenges affecting all our deadlines. As we ask for your forgiveness in this matter, the following arrangment has been made to ensure that we have a clean job done and uploaded without delays:

  • we will work throughout this night and present a final draft tommorrow by noon.
  • we will implore you all to give us your candid comments before 14:00hrs GMT on Tuesday
  • we will upload by 15:00hrs GMT on Tuesday

After discussing this situation with Luisa, we will not be able to have our wiki chat as planned this evening. As we have still NOT received any comments on the contents of our last/first draft or the partial work we did on this assignment, we will be grateful if you will go through the document and still get back to us.

Regards and our Appoloigies once again.

Victor.mensah (talk)05:05, 10 August 2009