Quality of OERs

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Hi everyone, myself Dr. K.S.Ramakrishnan, from India. I want to share some of my ideas about the quality of OERs. OERs are created by many people from different backgrounds, cultures, languages, and socio-economic status. Suppose if we take the case of Caste, it is very much prevailing in Asia, particularly in India. So, if a westerner try to add some content, how can he visualize what a caste is. It is only an example. In the same way, an Indian can rarely imagine about the dating culture of the US or western countries. In that case, the content matter will not be as high quality as an Indian or westerner create the content. We can meet tomorrow. --Drksrk 15:08, 28 April 2011 (UTC)

Drksrk (talk)04:08, 29 April 2011