Quality of OER

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Dear Folks, Should we focus on only achieved learning as the measure of quality OER ? or should we include other dimensions to our definition of quality - even if they are impossible or difficult to measure ? Some have suggested that a 700-page glorious OER authored by a great expert with fantastic multimedia captivating the student etc etc is not the point, and rather that the achieved quality of learning is the be-all-and-end-all of the matter. As I see it, our job is not only to achieve learning but to improve learning. This means knowing whether or not introducing voice-over leads to diminished or increased learning scores, and whether a shortened mobile-phone OER achieves better learning or not than video at home. What do you think ? I believe that having a host of categories inside our definition of quality helps us to improve the OER and increase achieved learning. Better yet would be having a full and comprehensive understanding of all components affecting the quality and achieved learning. Your input here please ~ paul

Paul-1 (talk)13:22, 29 January 2013