Quality of OER

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Dear Sanjaya, Addressing a couple of your points here ~~ I agree with the fit-for-purpose definition by Daniel. Fitness-for-purpose is an important and probably a sufficient term for describing the quality of an OER. Within this, the OER must be seen to be fitting by the end-users (internal face validity) and by accrediting agents (external face validity) among others. Indeed all aspects of validity should be explored (construct validity : does the OER do what it says it will do, content validity : is the OER at the appropriate level and difficulty, etc), as well as those of reliability and of utility. Utility here implying the OER needs to be short not taking too much student time, and compact in e-memory so fairly easily transmissible. Utility also includes accessibility - not only in the local language of the user, but also keeping code separate from content so translators can work easily on the localisation of content - exchanging embedded photographs, text and other multimedia content with those most appropriate and fitting to the local culture and context of the end-users. Cheers, paul

Paul-1 (talk)17:26, 19 January 2013