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The importance of commerce can never be falsified. It is the very basis for exchange of goods across the globe and development of economies. Countries lacking proper commerce system often find themselves in precarious positions whereby they are unable to generate the required amount of capital that would in turn help its citizens to maintain a high standard of living. The fundamentals of commerce are spread across every industry, discipline and organization. The demand for qualified individuals in different specializations of commerce is also very high. The exciting prospect about graduating with a commerce degree is that it offers endless opportunities for doing valuable work where one will know that the role played has been essential.

So how does one get into a career in the field of commerce? First and foremost one needs to pursue a proper degree such as graduation or masters. Diplomas provide jobs but not careers. Secondly choose the line of specialization such as banking, accounting, export-import according to one’s own interest. With so many institutes offering different options under commerce, it becomes difficult to select the right institute. Add to that the demand of the industry itself which values skilled professionals who have work experience. Sikkim Manipal University- Distance Education (SMU-DE) programme has taken all these aspects in its course offering Bachelor of Science in Information System (BScIS). The course while focusing on the fundamentals and principles of commerce delves in-depth with law, economics, accounting and taxation. Designed by industry experts, the course curriculum provides students to imbibe necessary skill sets that are sought after by the industry. Making it easy for students to learn faster is our multi award winning learning system EduNxt. EduNxt allows students to access faculty mentors, industry experts, counseling, virtual classrooms, self-learning materials and over a million journals. All this can be done 24x7 helping students to plan their studies beforehand. Moreover it allows students time to work and earn while they study thereby gaining crucial industry related experience as well as being self reliant financially. For students eager to study in a classroom environment we have established more than 725 University authorized Learning Centers across 310 cities that have their own certified faculty and counselors ready to help students at all times.

With a faculty boasting of extensive industry experience, teaching method has been made easy and simple with case studies, real life examples and visual aids for accurate demonstration. The idea is to allow students to develop a holistic understanding of not just the subject in question but the industry in itself, its scope, limitations and challenges. SMU-DE students who have successfully completed this course are now working with some of the leading financial institutions in the country, a strong testimony to their level of skill preparedness and professionalism.

The latest field is e-commerce which in India is still at a very nascent stage. A lot of infrastructural changes and widespread use of the web will ensure that it catches up in the coming years. All of these add up to create a host of opportunities career wise in the near future. SMU-DE understands the needs and demands of the industry and prepares its students to take on such a future. We impart degrees that work in the real world.

Click here for more information: http://www.smude.edu.in/Programs/Commerce/Programmes/Graduate/Pages/BachelorofCommerceinInformationSystemBComIS.aspx

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