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Greeting from the Land of the Brave

The Namibian Experience

The Ministry of Trade and Industry in collaboration with the Financial Institutions in Namibia have taken a keen interest in creating the most conducive environment and support mechanisms to allow business to thrive as a result, in Namibia there is a significant increase in the provision of Business Development Services (BDS) in recent years.

These services are very important to youth entrepreneurs in Namibia because they offer a platform to access services include training, advice, mentorship, coaching, business planning packages, business infrastructures as well as financial services. SMME Development Services which are supporting youth in business (who often don't have collateral) in their efforts to access loans from mainstream banks has been established, whereby young people are also receiving the above-mentioned assistance to start or expand their businesses and create additional employment opportunities.

Leah (talk)20:58, 23 March 2011