Priorities for 2014

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Hi Jim,

I agree. We will need to think carefully about the priority dependencies and their interrelationships. This will help the network to focus energies on those activities which move the project forward:

  • We can't generate students without courses
  • Students are unlikely to choose the OERu as preferred choice in the absence of a clear pathway of study to obtain a degree. (Although in the interim students could still apply OERu credit to local partner credentials)
  • Goal 4 (essentially a prototyping / demonstrator initiative to inform future planning) may generate smart solutions which generate tangible benefits for OERu partners in the short term, while building the longer term programme of study for the OERu. For example, parallel mode delivery will add value to existing online courses for full fee students while contributing to the medium term OERu objective of building the OERu programme of study with multiple streams.

Noted - We desperately need a marketing working group and I'm confident that we will find a group of OERu volunteers to take this one forward.

Mackiwg (talk)17:02, 24 March 2014