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Hi Ben,

I think ranking would provide more useful data -- although ranking a list with more the 5 items is harder for respondents and starts influencing the validity and reliability of the data. Also asking respondent to key in numbers increases the risk for error - -so we need to think about the best format solution.

Also - -I haven't figured out how to implement a ranking solution when using any of the no-cost survey options. Google appears to be the best option because they will not restrict the number of respondents (as in the case of many the paid versions) and our commitments to open data will need to ensure that data files are available in open file formats. It is possible to download a Google spreadsheet in an open file format.

We've been investigating a wiki-based survey alternative -- but I don't think it will scale well and installing an maintaining a public open source online survey system is beyond our available capacity at this time.

However -- I like the idea and we could, as you suggest add a question, to rank the top 5 skills.

Thanks for the feedback -- just what we're looking for :-)

Further thoughts?

Mackiwg (talk)10:09, 6 July 2011