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Hi Sue,

Thanks for the note...sorry for the late reply. With vacation, course prep and the like it's been a busy summer.

I was this close to being in Saint John in May for the CNIE conference...but work got in the way again.

I'm a big fan of teaching online as well...nothing like sitting at home on the deck while you teach. Our VP Academic is teaching an MBA course for CBU (we deliver the CBU MBA courses online for them) from the deck of his cabin in northern Ontario to students in Saskatchewan this summer...hard to beat that!

NAIT has about 85,000 F/T, P/T and Apprenticeship students and we're looking at delivering 500 online BBA, BTech, MBA and Business Certificate/Diploma courses this year. That should give us around 9,000 registrations just for the online business courses so it is the way of the future.

We did some work for Health Canada in the past...specifically training for nurses in remote First Nations. A great group to work with.

I love the idea of sharing...that's what education should be all about. I'm including Wikis in some of our Moodle courses but the Moodle Wiki isn't really student-friendly...but the more we use it the more comfortable students will become.

If you ever need a guinea pig from the other side of the country for a Wiki just let me know.

Cheers, Bill

Bmcmulle (talk)04:02, 11 August 2010