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Paul I am thinking that we should have the portfolio activities on the pages where they are relevant but also collate them for each module onto a Portfolio assessment page. This will be linked on the study desk.

I was trying to map the portfolio assessments for each module and it was too hard to get a general statement to put in the drop down on the study desk. The reason will be clear when you see what they have to do to prepare their assessment portfolio. The following list is from the Course Outline.

Compile a portfolio (collection of evidence, narrative and reflective discussion supported by literature) to demonstrate your learning. In compiling your portfolio include these items for each module.

1. Evidence: material that you collect or create when doing the activities or from other experiences – needs to be authentic, current, sufficient and relevant to the learning outcomes, and easily located.

2. Narrative: a well-structured and coherent story used to explain your choice of evidence and how it relates to the learning outcomes of the module, and to your practice;

3. Reflective discussion: reflection on your evidence, using several examples, about what you have learned. Include how and why this learning is relevant to your work and has impacted upon your practice (that is, has changed it and influenced decisions and possible future actions).

4. Supporting literature: use and integrate a broad range of educational literature and other forms of information throughout the narrative and reflective discussion to support your perspectives (APA referencing is required).

We also need to give them freedom in the evidence they generate or collect, and the narratives, reflective discussion and supporting literature. The portfolio activities are just a guide so I don't want to be prescriptive.

Bronwyn Hegarty (talk)20:22, 1 June 2013