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I agree. I do think these headings are relevant at the begining stages of this initiative... But should be reworked as the QA matures...

Prawstho (talk)06:12, 1 October 2008

Hi Peter,

I agree these are relevant in the beginning phases -- I just sense that they are subheadings of the main structure -- if you know what I mean ...

Thinking about this from an information design perspective, we have three key areas:

  • Content
    • First drafts
    • Featured works
    • Peer reviewed OER
  • Capability -- i.e. the capability of individuals and organisations to produce quality OER
    • eMM
  • How we do it -- i.e. process and supporting materials on how to do this
    • Tutorials
    • Tools, e.g. the templates we'll use for requesting review as a featured item etc.
    • Policies
    • Community
    • Contribution levels

Research is a cross-cutter --- need to think where this fits into the strucuture

What do you think?

Mackiwg (talk)06:16, 1 October 2008

I think I will try and work these chnages into the portal's menu template...

Prawstho (talk)12:39, 2 October 2008