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What a GREAT idea Carolyn - It hadn't occurred to me that you could use wikieducator in this way but of course you can!! I will be very interested to see how this develops and I am almost inspired to start one myself! I love the concept of wikieducator but am not able to post my educational resources on here yet. However......I am just thinking that maybe we could start to Second Life area with learning resources for SL....oh dear - where am I going to find the hours from!! (Clare)

Catkins in nz (talk)18:29, 6 March 2008

Good to see you found this Clare. Feel free to play around with it and add or change content. I am quite pleased with it and think it could be a great resource for our group. I hope it does grow over time. thanks for you comments here.

Midwikied (talk)08:01, 7 March 2008