Planning for online communities

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Week one: Introductions - set up blog, RSS

To do

  • Post an overview about your interest in online communities, your understanding about them and a description of what you hope to get out of this course. You may include some examples of communities you are involved in or have participated in previously.
  • Attend a web conference to meet and greet the participants and facilitator.

Week two: What is an online community?


To do

  • Attend a web conference to discuss terminology and definitions relating to online communities.

Week three: Discussions open and closed.

  • base the discussions on two scenarios depicting facilitation versus teaching.

Week 4: Social presence

  • How to build a community.
  • What skills are required.

Guest speakers

  • Wayne mcIntosh - WikiEducator community
  • Beth NGO
  • Colette Blockley - HIVAIDS block course - guest speaker facilitation in f2f course ???


Kill the wiki assessment. Use the DFLP model - blogging to weekly schedule and summary under learning objectives, facilitation plan - involves class participants discussing a topic - can invite outside speakers and experts to help), reflection on facilitation event on blog.

Bronwynh (talk)15:39, 18 April 2008