Pending agreements with Foothill De Anza Community College and District

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I have a slight difficulty with the Transition plan as presented here. CCCOER is, today, a project of some entity, I'm not sure which, within the Foothill De Anza Community College complex. Although the Hewlett Grant requires that CCCOER become "self-sustaining", I don't know that that means we can just secede on our own schedule.

Jacky has shared with me that she is planning to meet with various FHDA officials to clarify the transition process. I'd like to see more detail on our transition plan that calls out the issues to be addressed with FHDA and possible schedule for resolution. Of course, we can't know for sure what the Foothill folks will say or when. But listing the issues and ticking them off as they are resolved would help us all track our progress.

Lizaloop (talk)08:13, 1 November 2010