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My name is Fiona (aka Athena, my middle name) I have set up my blog at It was great to meet everyone at the face to face on Wednesday the 5th of March. I have been attempting to use a flexible delivery process in my teaching for a while now and have badly needed to up skill in this area. As I mentioned in the workshop, the school of occupational therapy is selling the bachelors course to Wintec in Hamilton and the staff (especially myself) need to learn to up skill on e-learning and flexible delivery asap. I am also very interested in the concept of sustainability and education and plan to do some research around this area. On a personal note, I am from Scotland, traveled out to New Zealand 12 years ago as a WWOOFER ( ) and ran out of petrol in Dunedin 11 years ago and met my husband Ben on Quarantine Island (Kamautaurua or St. Martin's island ), had my daughter Zoe 7 years ago and youngest daughter Amy 5 years ago. Currently building a eco/sustainable house (completion date end of July) which has us mortgaged and me working now at full-time for the next 30 years! Plenty of time to learn new skills.

Athena (talk)21:39, 7 March 2008

Hi Fiona - I am extremely interested in the integration of sustainability into the curriculum and am embarking on research in this area. In particular I will be looking at current practice/s and models within the NZ fashion industry and the implications for fashion education & educators. Havent had the chance to set up my blog yet but can keep u posted on progress - this is brand new research and I am a new researcher with limited hours so it will be slow progress. Will post this on ur blog too. Cheers Tracy

Tracyk (talk)21:11, 16 March 2008