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Hi all, My name is Penelope Kinney and I am at the School of Occupational Therapy. I have only very recently joined the team there. I've been here 5 weeks!!! Every thing is still a little confusing but I'm getting there. I am involved in lecturing in the degree programme and co-ordinating the postgraduate programme. I get to complete face to face teaching and working with our programmes which are 100% distance based. It gives me a real insight to different methods of delivery!!

I have come from a clincial background in Forensic Psychiatry. Its a specialist area of Mental Health. Have to admit its lovely not having to come to work through a series of air locks and jiggling keys!! Oh and being able just to pop out for a walk at lunch is a bonus too.

I've created my blog and all going well you can access it on

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone over the next few months.

Penelopek (talk)10:13, 6 March 2008