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Hello all! My name is David and I'm a member of the Instructional Technology faculty at Utah State University. Like Leigh, I try very hard to keep up with what's going on in the practice of applying technology to solve educational problems. My main area of interest is increasing people's access to educational opportunity. I keep a blog at and my email address is davidDOTwileyATgmailDOTcom.

Opencontent (talk)03:25, 6 March 2008

G'day David,

I think you have an international technology conference in your neck of the woods. I read about it somewhere, thought how wonderful to be able to meet up with a few of these people, but alas, wrong timing for me. I am way down in Australia and will have little chance of travel except via this means.

Cherry (talk)09:35, 7 March 2008

hello David It is great to see you the originator of this type of flexible learning design join us. People may not be aware of the attribution we have made to David's work - at the bottom of the page. I am impressed by the global interest so far and looking forward to lots of stimulating interactions. Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)08:08, 8 March 2008