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This is amazing and so many blog links already. I am impressed. it was really good to meet so many enthusiastic people today and hear about the areas you work in and the type of flexible learning you are already doing, and what you would like to do more of in the future. Already you have your own definitions of what flexible learning might be, and as you may have realised today, the ground is always shifting. I thought I had it sorted when I got to grips with Blackboard. Now I am venturing, like you into new territory. This year I am using WikiEducator for the online content for two courses (this one and a TANZ Grad Cert in elearning in which I teach) - it is the first time I have primarily used blogs for communication.

Those of you who got your blogs up so quickly have illustrated how easy it is to do. Well done. Now I am off to do some more reading of blogs. :) Bronwyn

Bronwynh (talk)21:34, 5 March 2008