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Hi I'm Alli. Life beings at forty! It did for me. I have over twenty five years crime scene examination / forensic support experience. I'm currently a Senior Project Officer for NZ Police looking specifically at creating a world class forensic provision. Have been in NZ for over three years. Having worked for the same organisation in a similar role for twenty plus years I decided to develop my professional skills to open up other options. Started with a Diploma in Operational Management - University College Worcester UK Then caught the study bug - a Diploma in Management Studies again from Worcester. As my boss in UK did not support my study towards a Masters I resigned and came to NZ. Completed my MBA from University of Otago - 2006 Now because I'm reviewing training courses I have started a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching. There's so much out there to learn and I'm loving it. E-learning is very new to me but there must be others out there who can help!

I'm married with four 'imported' dogs and two locally acquired horses. I don't really teach although I did contribute to the Crime Scene Induction course at the Police college on Monday. To reach the project objective - training is the key. Due to NZ being geographically challenged (access to further professional development)I feel e-learning / flexible learning is the way forward. I am very excited about this course and the range of valuable contacts to 'poach with pride' from! I think I've set up a 'blog': Cheers Alli

Allibarty (talk)18:56, 5 March 2008

Well done Alli. The perspectives you bring from outside the Polytech will be very valuable to this course. I'm looking forward to reading your impressions on how the things we look at relate to your context.

Leighblackall (talk)23:15, 5 March 2008