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Thanks for your comments here. I too have doubts about self-enrollment for all courses. However, there might be some circumstances where it is appropriate (e.g. a revision or support course perhaps) so we need to design our systems to enable this. Just because it might be possible to self-enroll does not mean that it has to be enabled for all or any course.

Directory sync (or something that behaves as though the directories are synced) is a long term plan, but we need to design for the future when we work now.

Tstorr (talk)10:12, 13 May 2010

Hi Trevor I agree that we need to plan not only for what we need now but what we may need in the future. I think the investigation into SSO is not really about self enrolment but all the other rationale you note in your table & scenario.

How does this fit in with the work the MOE is already doing for sign on to TKI, Digistore etc They are already trialling this? Shouldn't what you describe around the VLN services also be aligned with this?

Rache65 (talk)11:37, 18 May 2010