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I also worry about student self enrolment and, down the line, it could lead to students in courses they should not be. I think they should be able to sit down with the eDean at their school, review where they are at with their academic progress and what they are looking at career wise and then view the courses that might be useful to them. It would be really good for the eDean to do the actual enrolment and then an email comes to the ePrincipal with details. Then instead of the ePs doing all the enrolment, the eP would work with the eDeans and support them.

It would be really useful if we could get teachers to have a downloadable course outline that would be available on enrolment. This could also contain all the contact info for the student. What would be perfect is if we could somehow work an MOU into this process!!

I would like more detail about directory synchronisation. Certainly a SSO will come eventually but I am not sure that schools are necessarily ready for that at the moment - if you are planning for the NEN future than it will not be an issue.

With regard to email address, that is one of the reasons I have enabled GApps for the cluster. I think this would be less of an issue if the sign on page had fields that were compulsory, ie including email address!

Janak (talk)21:32, 12 May 2010