Overall brand discussion

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out! This feedback is worth its weight in gold!

Clearly we need to be thinking about what differentiates the OERu collaboration -- the "gotta be different" rule.

Agreed - we should not be trying to brand for three entirely different audiences. That audience heading was a place holder for thinking about the information design for the OERu website, the primary audiences that will be visiting the OERu website rather than input into the brand definition -- I will clarify this more clearly on the main wiki page. Yep, many of the bullet points on the main wiki page are too technical, have too much information and can be confusing -- not material for the brand definition itself. The intention of these bullets is a brainstorm attempt to unpack the nuances - -an inductive process to come up with that word which belongs to OERu alone.

I think the focus for our the brand should unquestionably be the learner.

mmmm -- wonder what the one word could be? The best I can think of at this stage is two words.

For me the essence and differentiator of the OERu network is "sustainable learning" (but that's two words but it does serve both learners and organisations ;-))

Any other ideas?

Really appreciate this feedback from a pro. Thanks for sharing.

Mackiwg (talk)08:03, 11 March 2013