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This report was written by Paul West and Lorraine Victor for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. It was first published on PBWorks under a CC-BY license: 

The report is now posted on WikiEducator as an additional way for people to access the report and to interact with both the report and the authors. It will need updating and this is a good platform for all updates to be included. If you have updates and improvements, please add them. If you have a completely different point of view and would like to change the essence of any page, we ask that you create an alternative page for readers to consider. Different points of view are healthy and can stimulate new directions in thinking. 

When using the report in other documents or platforms, we ask that you respect the "BY" in the CC license and provide a link to either this version of the report, or the original one in PBWorks. 

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The authors

Paul West and Lorraine Victor

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