Ordering topics in a logical sequence

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It might help users if the information on this page was put in some progressive order of development.

For example like this sequence:

Equivalent ratios 
Protractor and Scale Drawings
Rounding-off decimals
Tangent ratio
Sine ratio 
Cosine ratio
Trigonometric tables
Inverse ratios
Coordinate system trigonometry 
Obtuse angle sine and cosine ratios
Extending to the sine and cosine functions 
Tangent function
Inverse functions
Sine law
Cosine law
Cosine of the difference of two angles identity
Negative angle measurements
Sum and difference identities
Graphing part 1
Graphing part 2
Radian ratios

(This is the sequence I used in a 1971 textbook to promote an inductive teaching approach to trigonometry.)

Jim Kelly (k-12math.info)

Jkelly952 (talk)03:52, 21 October 2011