Open questions for the agenda

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Hi Leigh,

I've taken a look at the two articles:

(Which of course I've been watching - they are great resources.)

Regarding the agenda:

  • Who should be meeting online? (Students, are these articles live course resources? members of the WikiEd community, interested folk etc.)
  • What is our purpose ( for example, to develop more articles, interact with students in this course, figure our professional development needs, to build development clusters around this project, to review existing content, to figure out how WikEd can support this initiative better etc.)
  • What is the vision for this project (local, national, regional international)
  • How can WikiEd as a community leverage and promote success of this project


This is a great starting point - lets take it from here.


Mackiwg (talk)16:53, 12 October 2007