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Hi Irwin,

Thanks again for the overall blueprint review and these reflections. Extremely valuable in helping us clarify our designs and understand the constraints.

Copy of responses posted on OERu planning list

AVI and sustainable feedback

I'm pretty confident that over time we can build a sustainable community of Academic Volunteers. This is largely a scheduling & timing challenge. It takes a few years to build critical mass for a volunteer community. WikiEducator is a global community of 30,000 educators -- but a lot work is required in terms of capability development and community building strategies. Fortunately - -we have lots of experience here :-).

So from an operational management perspective there are two workable solutions for the prototype phase:

  1. While designing for scale in the future, cap the number of students for the prototype to avoid over reliance on AVIs we don't have at this time.
  2. Design a few prototypes which can scale as mass courses, but don't require high AVI input.
Mackiwg (talk)12:41, 22 March 2012