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Hi again Benjamin. the questions are coming thick and fast tonight.

First, do I have to practice with Open Office to achieve the next level of certification? I don't want to load my computer with software I may not use greatly.

Second, do the images and links have to be on the User page. I want my user page to be more of a directory page, so images would be a distraction. I've got images all over the place and went so far as to add the Viet Nam flag to the flag list, and created the Viet Nam country page with associated link.

For reference:

  •  Mastery of WikiApprentice Level 1 skills
  •  User page to include:

      o A link to an external website, for example place of work using a pipe;

      o A link to an internal page, for example adding a link to the user's respective Country page and adding their name to the country page.

      o Inserting a framed or thumbnail image with a caption on the user page, for example a photograph of the user.


Bardo1000 (talk)03:29, 6 August 2010