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people are isolated Nellie, for many different reasons
1:02 nelliemuller: but they meet on facebook after school
1:02 lindyisabella: And OE is only part of the way to bridging the isolation
1:02 nelliemuller: the same friends are online after school, why?
1:03 Downes-1: they should open up the chat room there
1:03 bee: Education is a Pandora box
1:03 PheoMartin: because there is more freedom there
1:03 DenisPronin: isn't the whole issue because the education is seen as a product, investment, and not as a sum of knowledge?
1:03 Countrymike-1: they meet at McDonalds too but we don't go looking at that model for educating them do we?
1:03 nelliemuller: they also meet f2f but they are sharing images, music and videos on facebook
1:03 Countrymike-1: ... or maybe we do. 
1:03 cablegreen1-1: link to the Logic Model?
1:03 Countrymike-1: McEducation
1:03 Downes-1: a wiki page isn't a very good place for a conversation
1:03 nelliemuller: it's the urge to share online that is keeping people on facebook
1:04 ilenef: Many learners are 35-45 year olds - We should remember adult learners as well as the 20-somethings
1:04 Downes-1: vote on the logic model (rather than accept it by fiat)?
1:04 Countrymike-1: sure. 
1:04 macampo: @nellie is that we are social beings ;)
1:04 nelliemuller: some learners are over 80
1:04 nelliemuller: so we need to learn socially
1:04 wendyuow-1: Moving to online forms...... 
1:04 PheoMartin: Anyone know when that is?
1:05 MariaDroujkova: and we should remember under-15 learners, as well
1:05 nelliemuller: and share/publish what we learn
1:05 Downes-1: Say, let's have the next planning meeting in Moncton 
1:05 Downes-1: :)
1:05 bee: :-)
1:05 Countrymike-1: Jim ... how 'bout a wave :-)
1:05 nelliemuller: how's the weather, Stephen
1:05 cablegreen1-1: found the logic model - 1/2 way down this page:
1:05 Downes-1: You can't have a 'small group synchronous discussion' in a forum
1:05 macampo: @nellie  believe that learning is social
1:06 nelliemuller: look at what we've been doing in this chat
1:06 Downes-1: looks like we've been punted
1:06 nelliemuller: what do you prefer to be there f2f or chatting online ?
1:06 Downes-1: they could have at least streamed one of the small group discussions
1:06 PheoMartin: Yes, and think of the freedom -- no dictates
1:06 Downes-1: *pout*
1:06 PheoMartin: :)
1:06 LeighBlackall: Anyone else looked at Cable Green's link he posted here a moment ago:
Nelliemuller (talk)12:11, 23 February 2011