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Very interesting Anil. There is a project in Australia called the Training Packages Unpacked. It is basically a simple application that was developed by one of the best programmers I know - Peter Shanks. Peter is a teacher of IT and needed a way to get Australian Assessment Standards into useful formats for online education. One such format is MediaWikiText. Peter uses Wikiversity mostly, so his work resides there, but the potential of his development is huge. If Peter's work could be adapted so that teachers around the world who work with their respective Unit Standards could quickly and easily Wikitext that standard and load it to Wikieducator, then we might see emerging commonalities. We would have to tollerate multiple versions of the same thing, but I believe that over time those teachers might come together online and begin discussing the commonalities and differences of their standards. New Zealand teachers might start talking with Australian teachers. South African teachers might start talking to Canadian. Indians might start talking to English teachers.. and so on. It seems to me that we need to at first encourage teachers who work withing their own National Standards, to start showing us their work on Wikieducator so that we may begin to think Internationally. I worry that it will be a mistake if people who work in International agencies like COL or UNESCO try to design it, they will waste their time and create yet another Standard that will still need to be negotiated with everyone else...

Leighblackall (talk)22:11, 30 July 2008