OER content interoperability between Connexions and the Mediawiki

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Hi Kim good thinking as always :-)

  • Very aware of the licensing issues ;-)--- WE support's both CC-BY and CC-BY-SA licensing (as we subscribe to the free cultural works definition.) That said -- I think that once we have the technology sorted, we can resolve the licensing -- even if it means a separate "Connexions" install for CC-BY-SA content.
  • Another advantage of a connexions export for MW is the ability to host a static instance of WE course content.
  • Yip -- the export of MW templates can be tricky -- in the case of WE we will focus on the most widely used pedagogical templates. Using the collections extension we can whitelist, for example navigation templates or infact consider Connexions specific behaviours for MW templates.
  • At this stage our thinking is to remain with the CNXML framework rather that trying to invent a new XML representation. Further transformations and manipulations down the track are not excluded. Candidly -- its easier to get Connexions content into MW than the other way around.
  • We have already developed a proof of concept web-service for exporting IMS content packages / cartridges from WE. So if we get additional funding we can do this. Having worked with IMS/SCORM exports / imports in LMS, I'm not too impressed with their implementations. Basically -- in most LMSs the IMS/SCORM imports look less elegant and functional than content authored within their own systems. I wonder why????

Cheers Wayne

Mackiwg (talk)01:16, 1 August 2009