OER and OERs

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I would be fine with OER as both singular and plural. We should see what Wayne thinks. Does WE have a preference as a whole?

>>Refer to "image", "audio clip" and "video clip" etc. if these are "resources" to be adapted/inclorporated into an OER

I would need an explain from the handbook before I could say one way or the other.

>>once these have pedagogical significance or context, they may be referred to as OER.

This strikes me as a potentially confusing, as it may or may not be clear when a hypothetical audio/image/video clip becomes pedagogically significant.

Also, I want to emphasize that potential style decisions should not be written on the style sheet until agreed upon. This will prevent confusion by other participants (or future volunteers).

Sgurell (talk)10:25, 17 June 2008