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Hi Wikirandy

Hmm....not sure what the correct protocol is for communicating at this level with someone you may be aware of in this forum but have not formally been introduced. I guess I'll just introduce myself. My name is Helena Mill and I am the learning Designer with the eXe development team based down here in New Zealand. Wayne has recently asked me to work on the OER Workshop toolkit and has recommended I get in touch with you.

With the timely topic of DAY 8 on Talk pages I thought I would get in touch and start a discussion about pre-workshop activities for the OER Workshop Toolkit. I've had some thoughts on activities for facilitators, e.g thinking about their own (local) networks that may be tapped into and considering various communication media they might access to gauge commitment and advertise workshop details. I understand from Wayne that you've been thinking about activities for participants. I'm keen to discuss these ideas.


Helena (talk)15:13, 19 October 2007

Why don't we speak on Skype- my user name is wikirandy


Wikirandy (talk)15:13, 19 October 2007