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I found trying to negotiate all the 'responses' to the 'talk' very confusing I've decided to start my own...maybe someone will respond from OUR group (eL4C28 July 28th to August 8th). I've found it difficult to immediately absorb all the cryptic notations which allow you to see what happens to the page (but I am sure I will become accustomed in time and with use). As someone involved in education in a very specific context (a 7 year Boys Secondary School), I need to liberate myself from the 'controlling' instinct and give in more to 'trust''s a lot easier in a tertiary context. There is never far from the surface in an administrator's mind the challenge of dealing with an 'agent provocateur'! Can one deny someone access if they have proven unworthy of the trust?

BillyJ (talk)02:46, 8 August 2009