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WORK: I am working with Tonga Govt. Ministry of Training Employment, Youth and Sports, coordinating Short term in-country Training funded by NZAid. Have been public service since 2003.

WHERE I LIVE: I live in Nuku'alofa, the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga.

WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!! This workshop has given me an opportunity to learn about Wikieducator and am looking forward to this new educational adventure.

PAST; I was a secondary school mathematics teacher then a Bookstore manager for 10 years before taking up with this current job.

LONG AGO SUBJECT NEVER A WASTE: I started working with the govt. with not much knowledge about computer luckily I learned typewriting in high school long long time ago. Well nice to meet you and wish you best in your carrier.

Fsoakai1 (talk)13:18, 14 August 2008

Nice to hear from you[edit]

I am pretty sure we joined a network that is marvelous. I will tell you of myself in the near future.

Fegsley Risapi Curriculum and Assessment Officer PNG

FegsleyRisapi (talk)10:37, 15 August 2008