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We need to develop a user friendly interface on the WikiEducator website which will automatically generate the relevant <iframe> HTML syntax for users to copy and paste on their target website. Similar to what sites like Slideshare, BlipTV etc. provide for generating the embed syntax for their content on external websites. We invite feedback and suggestions from WikiEducators regarding different reuse scenarios. This will help us to develop an user interface that can cater for different use cases. Questions which we may need to consider inlcude:

  1. Should we provide an option which restricts the target site to the specific WikiEducator page, that is deactivating internal WikiEducator links contained included on the page concerned. (The default proof of concept displays internal WikiEducator links as live links.)
  2. Should we provide an option to target a specific revision instance or do educators prefer using the most recent version? Related questions may include:
    • In the case of internal links on the target page, which revision instance should be used?
    • In the case of educators preferring the most recent wiki version, how will they be notified of updates and changes to the source page. Is the onus on the user to include these pages on their watchlist, or should we provide an option to automatically add these pages to their watchlist?
  3. Should we provide options to manipulate the display size of the iFrame on the target site?
  4. Are there other iFrame attributes which the average educator may want to change?
  5. What suggestions or ideas do WikiEducators have for the user interface on the WikiEducator website? (List these below)
  6. Add other questions we need to think about.
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