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Yvonne - this page is looking great! I have added a link to the Networked learning page on WikiEducator as there is a lot of material and links already there about Using Web 2.0 tools which will save you some time. You can either link to it or take the bits you need - in this environment we can take and still need to acknowledge the authors.

I was wondering what you were intending by the "Features" headings? I also have a couple of questions relating to the Issues for ‘blending’ section:

1. How could you address diverse skill levels when using web 2.0 tools - wikiEducator materials perhaps? sessions f2f as well? 2. I was wondering if Albion's site covered issues such as confidentiality and privacy around public blogs and teaching. It might be a good idea to make this more explicit - what do you think? 3. would students and teachers be best to negotiate expectations or would you set ground rules? --bron 01:47, 13 November 2007 (CET)

Issues for ‘blending’

  1. Skill level and experience of learners will need to be considered when planning first use of these tools.
  2. Communicating effectively online is an issue and some thought will need to be given some rules/guidelines for writing in this medium. Try Albion's excellent netiquette resource page for more information.
  3. Expectations for student and facilitator will need to be explored early on in the process.
Bronwynh (talk)13:47, 13 November 2007