Need of Wisdom based Vocational Education in Indian Educational System

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Dear WikiEducators HAPPY THOUGHTS

Just joined the WE and amazed to see lot of activities happenning at Online Education / eLearning front. I am now aligning with all actions for active participation.

Community Empowerment is our only mission and we are working for last few years to support, serve and strengthen the communities, mainly in South Delhi and NCR. We at AADITYA "[1]" are now working dedicately to create online/offline course content for imparting Universal, wisdom based, Value Education to community members. The intention is to make this content available through net and allaince of NGOs, free of cost. We are also creating online platforms for dissimination of knowledgebase.

GopiKrishan Bali

AADITYA (talk)19:48, 24 April 2009